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For Immediate Release - April 19, 2016 - Lawyers Travel, the 5th largest travel management agency in the U.S. by volume, according to Business Travel News, has published a complimentary, high-level guide to best practices in a travel risk management program.

The Introductory Guide to Travel Risk Management Best Practices is a 6-step beginner's guide to building an effective risk management program that works hand-in-hand with and strengthens the effectiveness of your firm's goals, operations and travel policies. From mapping potential risks to building an actionable response plan, this high level document will assist law firms in ensuring all key bases are covered in advance of an emergency.

"This capsulized document is intended to serve as a checklist and beginner's guide for firms looking to develop a travel risk management plan," noted Executive Vice President, Michael Steiner. "We work with a broad range of clients, online and offline, domestic and global, consulting on travel policies and building robust programs that consider variables such as costs, risks, insurance restrictions, traveler tracking and reporting. Risk management is a big topic and one that can be a challenge for firms to get a firm handle on, even once they understand the scope of their needs."

Lawyers Travel's Risk Management offering includes its proprietary Travel Portal, a tool that accesses security intelligence and traveler locations to mitigate safety risks, locates all travelers on the road including comprehensive itineraries, identifies “hot spots” (security, weather and health threats) via a global map interface and provides drill-down information by traveler and location.

For more information on Lawyers Travel's Risk Management solutions and to download the Introductory Guide to Travel Risk Management Best Practices, visit http://www.lawyerstravel.com/risk-management.