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For Immediate Release – Although demand for international travel continues to increase, travel within the United States is growing at an even brisker pace thanks in part to the booking of last-minute leisure trips, according to Ovation Travel Group, Lawyers Travel's parent company and one of the largest independently owned travel management companies headquartered in the US. Ovation is revealing its clientele’s most favored destinations within the United States for the remainder of 2019 and into 2020, with Florida, California and Hawaii, respectively, eclipsing all other destinations domestically.

“Bookings for international and domestic travel are both on the rise among Ovation’s clients, but for a large cross-section of our advisors, interest in domestic travel has seen exponential gains,” noted Paul Metselaar, CEO and Chairman of Ovation Travel Group, now celebrating its 35th year in business. “In addition to organic growth in the overall marketplace along with Ovation’s heightened market share, one of the principal reasons for the dramatic boost has been the rise in demand for last-minute getaways among our clientele.”

Ovation pinpoints the trend among its clients to book significantly more last-minute travel to two overriding factors.

“First, apart from holiday travel that requires advance planning due to overall consumer demand, a substantial portion of our luxury clientele consists of high-powered executives who are simply unable to commit to booking far in advance due to their busy schedules throughout most of the year. Thus, last-minute vacations are becoming their new normal,” explained Gina Gabbard, Senior Vice President of Leisure & Independent Advisors for Ovation Travel Group. “Second, our clients increasingly recognize how our advisors are able to find value for their dollar regardless of their dates of departure, along with their ability to gain access to inventory not readily available to the general public. As our tagline says, Ovation is ‘your trusted travel partner.’”

With respect to the top domestic destinations being booked by Ovation’s clients, Metselaar added, “It really comes as no surprise that most of our clients are clamoring to visit one or more of the ‘big three’ U.S. destinations – Florida, California and Hawaii. Each is highly desirable for their legendary beaches, evocative cultural attractions, renowned restaurants and nightlife, along with stellar luxury accommodations. All three provide unforgettable experiences our clients enjoy repeatedly.”


Florida is the most popular of the three states, with Miami, Miami Beach and Palm Beach attracting the largest numbers of Ovation’s clientele. While most clients enjoy Florida’s fun-in-the-sun experiences, it is also a popular embarkation point for cruises.

“For my clients, Miami is an easy destination to get to,” stated Andrew Steinberg, a New York City-based Ovation travel advisor. “Beyond offering value and beautiful weather, Miami is popular because of its great food scene, fun nightlife with emerging artists and inspired collections at museums.”

Echoing Steinberg, Ovation advisor Deborah Gellis of New York added, “It’s just so easy to get to Miami from New York for a short weekend. The restaurants are buzzworthy as are the hotels.”


Second-place California’s most-visited cities among Ovation’s clientele are San Francisco and Los Angeles, yet there are gems that charm the company’s clients in less populous areas like Big Sur, Napa Valley and Montecito.

“My clients love how very diverse California is,” said New York-based Ovation advisor Barbara Hammer. “With so many outstanding hotel options and interesting destination spas, my clients can easily decompress there. Some of their favorites include wonderful properties in Napa and Big Sur.”

“California offers something for everyone and all tastes,” noted Ovation advisor Harlee Rosenberg of New York. “California’s different cities each offer travelers a very unique experience.”


With Hawaii rounding out the top three in-demand states, Kauai is particularly popular due to its air of exclusivity. “Hawaii provides the perfect mix of adventure and relaxation. As the ‘Aloha State,’ it has just the right amount of culture and is exotic enough while staying in the United States. There’s an added sense of safety that comes with that,” noted Laurie Robinson, an Ovation travel advisor based in New York.

For counsel and assistance with luxury vacations, whether domestic or international, travelers are invited to tap into the expertise of Ovation Travel Group’s experienced advisors by calling 800.977.5893 or emailing Ovation’s luxury leisure travel division is also inviting independent advisors to learn how to qualify for its program by visiting