Technology has made it easier for travelers to limit the surfaces they touch in public during a trip.

We have put together ways you can conduct various segments of a business trip with little physical interaction ­and how to keep safe when contact is inevitable.


Before you leave

BEFORE YOU LEAVE: Be sure to have masks, gloves, hand sanitizer, or other personal protective supplies to last the duration of your trip, even if you are fully vaccinated or tested negative. When packing, bring only essential items. Try to limit the amount of luggage you bring to only what you can carry to reduce the need for others to handle your bags.

GROUND TRANSPORTATION: If you can, drive your own vehicle to your destination to avoid public transportation or rideshares. If you require rideshares, ask the driver to open the trunk and car door so you can secure your luggage and seat yourself without encountering high-touch areas of the vehicle. When exiting the vehicle, use electronic or touchless payment to avoid hand-to-hand contact. If you require public transportation, opt for electronic payments to avoid exchanges with transit cards or tokens. Once on board the public transportation, avoid common surfaces like doors and hand rails as best as you can. Be sure to sanitize your hands when touching a surface is unavoidable.

At the airport

AT THE AIRPORT: Make use of mobile check-in and boarding passes ahead of your arrival to avoid self-service kiosks or person-to-person contact at check-in counters and gates. If you make purchases in the airport ahead of your flight, be sure to use contactless payment options to avoid hand-to-hand transactions with cash or cards.

ON YOUR FLIGHT: Airlines have been implementing enhanced cleaning protocols for safety. If you are traveling light, stow your bag under the seat in front of you to avoid the risk of being in a potentially crowded aisle. If you require the overhead compartment instead, try to stow your luggage when the aisle is clear. Remember the same protocols when it is time to disembark. Once your flight is underway, avoid ordering refreshments while onboard. If possible, bring your own prepacked snacks and beverages. Similarly, find your own entertainment with personal books, tablets, etc. to avoid communal magazines and touchscreens.

After you land

AT YOUR HOTEL: When you arrive at your hotel, handle your own luggage if you are able. Next, make use of mobile check-in and keyless entry where available. When departing the hotel, opt for mobile check-out to avoid paper receipts and contact at the front desk.

DINING: When dining, consider opting for to-go services to limit in-person contact. If possible, choose outdoor dining options for more space and ventilation. When receiving your food, allow the server to place dishes down in front of you or grab your own from a contactless pickup area.

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A version of these tips previously appeared on American Express Global Business Travel’s blog, The Atlas™.