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For Immediate Release - July 26, 2017 - Lawyers Travel, a law firm-focused travel management company representing over 200 of the world’s leading law firms, has published its Quarterly Law Firm Business Travel Index. Among other air and hotel indicators, the Index shows that despite a charged political atmosphere and much attention being paid to international traveler security requirements and restrictions (for example, the recent travel and laptop bans affecting international travelers to the U.S.) the percentage of international travel increased quarter-over-quarter in Q2 2017 for Lawyers Travel clients.

Click here to download Lawyers Travel's Q2 2017 Law Firm Business Travel Index.

The index contains three years of data findings, listed quarterly with accompanying historic analysis dating back to 2009 and illustrates the following statistics:

  • Average airfare price paid Domestically, Internationally and Overall
  • Average hotel rate paid Domestically, Internationally and Overall
  • Percentage breakdown of Economy, Business Class and First Class tickets
  • Percentage breakdown of Domestic and International tickets

Lawyers Travel utilizes this high-level analysis to identify trends and to benchmark individual client activity against a ‘yardstick’ representing over $180 million in law firm annual air and hotel spend. The data serves as a resource in determining opportunities for strengthening clients’ travel programs in such areas as travel policy adjustment, service enhancements and supplier negotiations.

“In Q2 2017 we saw the average prices paid for both domestic and international flights remain relatively steady,” noted Executive Vice President, Michael Steiner. “Probably more interesting than steady prices, is the fact that the percentage of international travel ticked up this past quarter. This increase in international travel is especially interesting right now in light of current U.S. travel and security policies."

To download Lawyers Travel's Q2 2017 Law Firm Business Travel Index click here.