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Skift - January 2020 - Sunil Mahtani, Ovation Travel Group's (Lawyers Travel's parent company) Executive Vice President, shares why he's remaining optimistic about sales growth despite this year's presidential election with Skift.

While Ovation Travel Group is forecasting double-digit growth in 2020, it doesn’t expect it to quite equal the record-breaking 2019, which saw 20 percent growth across all travel segments and 40 percent growth in luxury leisure, according to Sunil Mahtani, executive vice president.

“The growth rate will not be as high, but this is, in part, to Europe remaining soft, with international air prices expected to decline next year, at least in the first quarter,” he said, adding that the presidential election could also be a factor.

“Historically, election years can impact overall travel, particularly on the corporate side, so spending may be a bit lower during an election year,” Mahtani said. “But we don’t anticipate a negative impact on sales.”

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