ECOvation for Lawyers Travel siteOur Commitment to Sustainability

Our mission at Lawyers Travel is providing exceptional service, savings and travel solutions to our law firm clients. We are committed to doing so sustainably through environmentally sound business practices that help to minimize waste, conserve resources and reduce emissions of CO2 and other harmful greenhouse gases.

Internal Corporate Social Responsibility

Lawyers Travel's internal CSR initiative includes the following elements:

  • Carbon neutral employee travel for our firm
  • Investing in webinar/teleconference technology to discourage unnecessary employee travel
  • Paper, plastic and glass recycling program
  • Encouraging minimal paper usage and purchasing recycled paper and other office supply products
  • DocuSign contracts
  • Eliminating single use dishware, drinkware and cutlery from kitchens and breakrooms and providing reusable items for community use with personalized coffee mugs for each employee
  • Installing filtered bottle-refill/drinking fountains in offices to help eliminate single use plastics
  • TransitChek program to encourage use of public transit
  • Use of natural light/skylights coupled with thermostat control
  • Giving back to the community by hosting staff participation in organized charity events
  • Recycling and/or donating unwanted electronics
  • Using biodegradable cleaning products
  • Purchasing employee coffee that is grown using socially responsible and sustainable practices
  • Asking employees to sign an eco-commitment encouraging best practices (e.g., close down computer monitors/appliances at night, reduce paper waste, recycle, etc.)

Lawyers Travel's ECOvation Initiative

Carbon offsets (renewable energy certificates and green tags) represent a targeted investment in renewable energy to offset the CO2 and other greenhouse gases produced through activities such as business operations and travel. Carbon offsets channel investment into clean, renewable energy sources, further aiding the development of that technology. Your firm can work towards Carbon Zero or Carbon Positive travel by offsetting CO2 and other greenhouse gas emissions.

How to offset your firm's business travel carbon emissions:

  1. Lawyers Travel will generate a report of your travel-related carbon emissions output
  2. An analysis is then created of your “carbon footprint” on the environment
  3. Offset your carbon footprint by donating to renewable energy, energy efficiency and reforestation projects (e.g.,

In addition, our clients can incorporate the following additional green options into their managed travel programs:

  • Paperless communications (including reports, invoices and presentations)
  • Hybrid and electric car rental programs
  • Identify green hotels for preferred relationships/contracts
  • Sustainability-focused travel incentives
  • Non-travel related CSR recommendations
  • Additional custom programs by client